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Carhartt's new Full Swing product line is available exclusively in Canada at JobSite Workwear. You won't find this anywhere else... We partnered with Carhartt to bring this to our customers and we're proudly the only dealer in Canada with the Full Swing line. 


Over a century ago, Hamilton Carhartt designed workwear through feedback from the rugged men connecting our nation by rail.

Carhartt Full Swing™ was designed with feedback from 100's of workers to address the concerns that they were having around fit and movement. It's an innovative line of jackets, shirt jacs and pants that fit closer to the body with maximum range of movement to help workers move freely on the farm, construction site and everywhere in-between.

Your daily grind is enough of a fight. You shouldn’t have to fight your gear too.

Come visit us at a JobSite location to view the Full Swing line!


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